Kiwi Light Sport open test is stopped

Kiwi – August 22, 2022

According to our schedule, today we will stop the open test of light sports and start the official operation. The sports equipments purchased and the KSTs earned during the test period will be cleared.

In the past 4 weeks, thousands of users have participated in our open test, and they have put forward many revisions and suggestions for us, and also helped us improve the testing of the backend system and reward algorithm. In this regard, Kiwi team would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all users who participated in the test, and airdrop an NFT sneaker as a reward for each user who participated in the test. The sneakers will be airdropped to the user’s backpack within 36 hours after the test ends.

The Kiwi Network project has just started, and there must be many shortcomings. We hope to get the understanding and long-term support of users!