Kiwi-Healthcare Network is a decentralized healthcare service ecological platform, which aims to carry out a social experiment on the degree of attention in the health field, trying to explore a token incentive mechanism to encourage the public to take the initiative to pay attention to personal health issues. Use the PoW+PoS consensus mechanism to realize the dual linkage between the PC and the Mobile, and encourage every participant to create value, contribute value, and share value.

KIK is a token reward obtained in the farming of Kiwi-Healthcare Network.

You can use the hard disk space for farming on the PC side, provide network computing power, and help Kiwi-Heathcare Network stability. In return, you will get KIK rewards. You can also farm on the Mobile side, by recording personal health data, inviting new people to join, and get KIK rewards.

The reward for PC farming during the testing phase is tKIK, and the reward obtained after launching the mainnet is KIK. When launching the mainnet, tKIK will be automatically exchanged for KIK. The initial reward for the Mobile side is mKIK. When the Mobile side is connected to the PC side, the exchange between the Mobile side mKIK and the Locked-Pool KIK will be realized.

The PC side and the Moblile side are mutually promoting relations. When the project develops to the third stage, the tokens between the two sides can be exchanged.

The Kiwi-Healthcare Network combines the advantages of the consensus mechanism of resources and the consensus mechanism of tokens to ensure that attackers must have the dual advantages of resources and funds in terms of the security of the consensus mechanism.In terms of fairness of the mechanism, everyone has the opportunity to participate in the Kiwi-Healthcare network. On the one hand, a PC-side farming mode is implemented based on the traditional PoW mechanism, which automatically adjusts the difficulty of farming and gradually halves the block reward. On the other hand, the consensus mechanism of PoS can reduce energy consumption demand and avoid the contradiction of excessive centralization of computing capacity. In the end, the balance between workload and capital, giants and retail investors, and interests and contributions has been achieved.

The PC side pre-mined 35.2 billion tokens for the team, community development awards, development funds, etc. Team accounted for 30% , community development rewards accounted for 30% , and development funds accounted for 40%. In addition, about 35.2 billion tokens were pre-mined and put into the Locked-Pool for exchange with mKIK on the mobile side.

After all the test functions are stable, the mainnet will be officially launched.

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